10 Time-Savers for Office Workers

Free time is one of the most precious commodities, and it is worth penny-pinching. Mark Shead writes an article for Productivity501 with various little ways you can get time back at the office. Or even outside of the office—his first tip is to decide if shifting your arrival and departure time by 15-30 minutes could make a sizeable difference in your commute time.

Where applicable, taking the stairs instead of the elevator to get to your floor could be faster, so make that determination as well. Any time you have a reason to stand up or walk around, use it as a short break to refresh yourself. Likewise, do not skip lunch—your brain really needs that timeout in order for you to keep working effectively.

At your desk, batch tasks according to their similarity or required level of focus, and then schedule to do them all at once at an appropriate time. Never spend time just sitting and waiting for things to happen, such as waiting for a PC to boot. Instead, account for these hang-ups and do something else while waiting, such as organize your documents. And if you receive email pretty frequently, turn off notifications and only check it at set intervals so that it does not ruin your concentration.

Some time efficiencies can be gained by just better understanding the software you use on a regular basis. Learn what extra functionality exists in Word (etc.) that can speed up your work. On the flip side, observe what naturally occurring bottlenecks exist in your workflow (like having a slow typing speed or a boss who is slow to make decisions) and make a plan for how to circumvent them.

Finally, at the end of your day, spend a few minutes preparing for what you intend to accomplish tomorrow. In these little ways, time can be won back into your day. You can view the original article here:

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