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Why Work Loneliness Isn’t a Personal Problem and How to Conquer It

Feelings of loneliness make a person withdraw from work, damaging productivity and motivation. Yet it is an emotion we can identify in colleagues, making it our obligation to make an effort when we see it. Janet Choi elaborates on this in an article for Lifehacker.

Recognition, gratitude, and camaraderie are all things that people need, whether or not it is regularly acknowledged. Just paying attention to someone at all can be an inoculation against loneliness for that person. Share your personal goals, not just work ones, with each other. Allow yourselves to be supporting characters in the TV shows that are other people’s lives.

At the full article, Choi discusses various techniques for reducing loneliness, ranging from meditation techniques (yeah, I know) to arranging lunches in cafeteria-like gatherings. You can view it here:

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