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Telecommuting Can Make the Office a Lonely Place

We often worry about whether people who work exclusively from home will become isolated, but research suggests we should maybe be more worried about the people they leave behind. In an article for the New York Times, Phyllis Korkki shares data on how the office is a lonely place for the remaining workers who keeping coming in.

As George Mason University finds, among Fortune 100 Silicon Valley companies that allow unlimited off-site work, the people who keep working in the office eventually feel “lonely and disconnected.” As a result, they become more likely to work from home themselves just because everyone else is doing it, resulting in even worse isolation for the few who remain. Perhaps the reason why feelings of loneliness arise even with all the technological communication options is that technology requires communication to be deliberate. When everyone works in the same space, spontaneous communication can always arise, like when passing someone in the hallway.

Face-to-face communication can be a serendipitous gift. Instant messages and emails, well, they just do not nurture the heart in the same way. But that part is only my two cents. You can view the original article here:

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