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Suffering in Silence: 5 Tips for When You Feel Isolated at Work

Anne Niederkorn works in IT, physically removed from the corporate offices, and she once feared the silence and lack of communication there would drive her mad. But she persevered, and she shares five tips to feel less lonely at work in an article for the Muse.

Her first tip is that, if things are too quiet, speak up! In her case, people literally were not even saying “good morning” upon arriving, so she finally took the initiative to at least do it herself. As a result, greetings caught on and became the norm. Second, avoid emails and phone calls as much as possible when face-to-face communication is a valid option. More will be discussed and learned, about work and about each other. Third, seek out HR activities like company athletic teams or learning lunches to meet more people and find commonalities.

If you have a hard time being the person to initiate things, seek out the person in the office who is inherently outgoing. That person probably already knows lots of people in the building well and will probably help you become more connected in the office. And of course, when all else fails, appeal to sense of humor. You do not need to be Chris Rock; just put in the effort to be goofy without it feeling forced. People like to smile, and you have to start somewhere.

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