The Right Way to Present Your Business Case

Your business case is the stuff of legends, something to be put in the Smithsonian. But first, you have to actually present it. Carolyn O’Hara writes for Harvard Business Review with tips for presenting your genius to decision-makers.

What you really want to do if at all possible is to pitch your business case using a story. Stories stay with people and touch their hearts. And especially since changes often elicit fear, it is important to touch decision-makers’ hearts—in order to override the anxiety in their brains. Likewise, begin the presentation by explicitly expressing your need and explaining how your need aligns with organizational goals. Try to anticipate where individual decision-makers’ concerns may arise and ready some information to assuage them.

When it comes to stuff like your PowerPoint, think about if every bullet point you have included is really necessary. Do these details directly tie back to your core argument? Do the graphs visualize how the argument agrees with company strategy? Figure it out. And lastly, take all of this information here and prepare a condensed elevator pitch version of it; you never know when your promised 60 minutes to present will get turn into 10.

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