Why Your Organization Needs A+ Players Now

When you are a leader, it is part of your role to continually train and empower tomorrow’s leaders. For IT, this means finding employees who are often smarter, better, and faster, and giving them the tools to succeed in the long run. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Curt Carver explores the importance of hiring the best of the best now.

How to Get Good Grades

Being an A+ player goes beyond mere intelligence. In fact, even the most intelligent employee in the world will still be considered a B-level employee if they cannot manage to work well with other people.

According to Carver, “Personally, I’d rather have a failed talent search than to fill my group with B players.” A team filled with B players will inevitably have social problems among themselves. This means that less of your time as a leader will be spent empowering the leaders of tomorrow, and more time will be spent settling trivial feuds. This may even lead to people refusing to work with IT altogether because of a bad reputation of a poor comrade culture.

It is not enough to merely move forward; CIOs are expected to constantly be progressing and leading their teams through the stars. Because of this constant push for greatness and changing environment, CIOs need the best team backing them. Carver suggests offering training and development programs periodically. This will not only help to weed out the B players, but it will help the B players work towards becoming A+ team members.

Carver and his organization worked together to create a unique program that helps to ensure employees continually participate in the organization. Employees’ answers to simple questions about achieving success help for the organization as a whole to be better aligned. Additionally, the organization has an “open environment” that encourages team members to learn from one another.

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