The New IT: Driving Business Innovation with Tech

The push for the connection between technology and business value is growing more and more important. In an article for InformationWeek, Andi Mann explores this idea of driving business innovation with better technology.

According to Mann: “Traditionally, IT executives have focused on buying various components, such as servers, storage, and software from different vendors, assembling the pieces like a puzzle into their own systems, and hiring specialized staff to maintain the systems. With this model, the IT organization ends up spending more money than it should, and dedicating too much time, on an endless cycle of integration, configuration, tuning, and testing.” The most successful businesses are learning how to shift their investments to better illicit innovation, like utilizing bring your own device and cloud computing.

The greatest adversity IT needs to overcome in the pursuit of innovation is their poor visibility, according to Mann. IT is struggling to fully see into business goals, delivery costs, and ultimately how all of this impacts the customer. The IT leaders who take on the mindset that this poor visibility is their situation will be the most successful. It is far better to try to work to improve visibility, rather than try to eradicate the blinding factors.

Many IT leaders are utilizing DevOps to increase their business innovation. In the fifth annual RightScale State of the Cloud Survey, the number of enterprises who have adopted DevOps is at 74 percent. Additionally, more than 80 percent of respondents stated that they are utilizing some DevOps principles.

Data is everywhere, and businesses are embracing this by utilizing a variety of data to improve their value. Mann believes that it is those businesses that connect all of the varying data together and form a cohesive “data fabric” that are the most successful. When IT is connected to the business goals, better data decisions can be made, and better business results can be delivered.

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