How to Make a Winning Business Case

Nobody wants to bring something to the board for approval and receive a “Hah! Nope” in return. Rebecca Merrett shares tips in an article for CIO Australia to avoid this situation.

Everyone phrases it in their own unique way, but generally speaking, people agree the business case should incorporate these things: the rationale for the business case, the project’s value proposition, how much the project will cost, how the project will actually be delivered (including its risks), an explanation for who will be held accountable for the project, and what controls will be in place to ensure the project yields the expected results. That is a lot of ground to cover, but articulating the value proposition clearly is especially key.

Keep the IT talk out of the mix if approaching non-tech executives with this business case. Just convey to them the broad results that stem from use of various technologies. Make sure too to convey how serious a problem it could be if the business does not go through with the project. Try to consider in advance potentially major objections to the project and come up with worthwhile rebuttals to them. Discussing the business case with other stakeholders will help to uncover all possible objections.

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