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ITSM Isn’t about IT, It’s about Customers

IT is more than technology; it is rooted in the delivery of exemplary services to customers. Any successful business will tell you that if you want to succeed, you must go above expectations and deliver something that “delights” customer. In an article for SITS Community 360, Sarah Lahav shares some tips on how to identify and delight your customers.

Fight for Delight

To begin with, who are your customers? This is oftentimes a difficult question for IT to answer because most of the people receiving services are remote, but it is an invaluable answer to have. In this case, a customer is anyone who receives services from you.

After you have identified your customers, the next step is to delight them! Every time you interact with a customer, there is potential for delight or disappointment. This difference is normally quite small, and most of the time it has very little to do with the actual delivery of a service. People typically remember how they were treated more than if the product was satisfactory.

The first step in creating a delightful customer interaction is to identify all of the potential ways they may interact with you. Then you should think about how each interaction “feels from the customer perspective” and try to improve these interactions. How well is IT really communicating with the customer? This will lead into training the IT staff to better interact with customers. Customer feedback will prove invaluable during this time because it will provide insight into how the customer thinks IT needs to improve.

Every organization can take the time to identify all of these steps because there is no organization that can afford not to. If the customer is not happy, the business is going to fail. Delighting a customer does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Sometimes, all it takes is clear communication, effective listening, and trying to meet their needs.

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