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How to Get Promoted into a Leadership Position

People like progress, whether that be progress in their latest weight loss journey or progress in their career. So how can a person start from the bottom and be promoted to the top? In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen shares some tips to earning that promotion.

Imagine You, but with Power

The best and quickest way in which to earn a promotion is by demonstrating to the leaders in the business that you can deliver results where you are right now. No one will give you more responsibility if you cannot even deliver what you currently are working on. Additionally, it is helpful to ask for feedback regarding your performance from your superiors, team members, peers, or even the client. This will shed some light on what you are performing well with and where you need to improve.

Do not let the senior executives take the reins in making all of the decisions about a project; you have a voice too! Ask a myriad of questions so you can understand the context of the project and the business, and so you can be educated. Taking a vested interest will help you to make insightful observations and prove to your leaders you are ready for more.

You should always seek to be better than you were before, including in how you work. You and your team can look for new, innovative, and better ways to perform. It is all about adding value to the business, which does not always mean you have to work harder–just smarter.

Relationships are the foundation for business, and trust is the foundation for any good relationship. Be honest with stakeholders about the nature of the project, and be positive in your suggestions to move forward. And finally, you need to be able to cite the true issues of the project. If you are unclear about the actual adversities, senior management cannot help you move forward.

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