Four Tips to Find and Keep the Staff You Want

It is no secret that finding and hiring the right employees will keep your organization progressing into the future successes. However, an alarming two-thirds of CIOs believe that there is a lack of talent keeping their organization from keeping up with change. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels elaborates on four ways that you can uncover and retain the staff of your dreams:

  1. Engage and embrace outsiders.
  2. Be an attractive place of employment.
  3. Place the focus on hard work.
  4. Understand the potential of your culture.

Keep ‘Em Forever

Ian Cohen, a former CIO turned digital advisor, believes that the talent is out there; the problem is the recruitment practices of organizations. Cohen proposes a change to traditional hiring and embracing of short-term employment. The focus should be on engaging and embracing talent, even if it is not in the traditional hiring sort of way. Retention is great, but it should not overshadow helping people grow and develop.

Sometimes, the deciding factor for accepting a job is the pay and benefits, and one of the big benefits is working for an attractive company. CIOs need to take into account things like a long commute and offer solutions when attempting to attract a new face.

What differentiates your organization from a competitor is the amount of stimulating work you offer. Cookie Wednesdays only go so far, but what will really entice a talented candidate is the opportunity to work with interesting and challenging systems.

The culture in your organization is specific to that organization, and it is what will give you an edge in attracting the best talent. This all can tie back into pay, because if you are unwilling to pay for the best talent, you will not be able to attract the best people and will have a shortage of skills in your organization.

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