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What to Do When You Dislike Working with One Specific Person

At some point in your career you will probably be forced to work with someone you do not get along with. This can be an extremely frustrating time, but for any project to succeed the team needs to play nice. In a post for the Association for Project Management, Joan Kingsley shares six ways to get along with people you do not like:

  1. Become self-aware.
  2. Get to know the person.
  3. Become more tolerant.
  4. Be intolerant of aggression.
  5. Shift your focus towards solutions.
  6. Call in the big guns.

Analyze the Annoyance

Becoming a more self-aware person can help you to better distinguish when you yourself may be the true problem. Past experiences and bad memories can often cloud your own judgment and make you dislike a person for no real reason. It will not only help the health of your project, but also the health of your well-being to choose your battles wisely and learn to accept what you cannot change.

After you are able to see things from the other person’s perspective, you are better able to empathize with their situation. Listening and being respectful are invaluable skills that will take you far in life. Take an interest in the other person and inquire if perhaps there is something troubling them that you can help with.

Everyone has a different background and different approaches to the same problems, and it is important for you to become tolerant and embrace these differences. People who think differently than you help to challenge your own beliefs, and working with them can often inspire new solutions to problems. All the same, aggression is unacceptable when working in a group. There needs to be zero tolerance for aggressive or abusive behavior, because these actions will create a negative work environment.

Problems can get big and scary, but what helps is focusing on what impact you can make and the solutions that you can deliver. Having a positive mindset helps to inspire the rest of your team to think positively as well. But if you have exhausted every other solution and there just seems to be no way of dealing with the person, try to avoid them. Finding people, like your boss, to be on your side also helps the situation.

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