Why Your Company Needs More Ceremonies

In hectic times, employees need a reminder of what they are working toward and how they and the business are producing good things. Ceremonies can be a great way to revitalize the workforce. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Patti Sanchez shares a personal story from her business that emphasizes the need for ceremonies.

Unite and Refresh

Last year, Duarte Inc. was doing great things and making wonderful advancements. Not only were they restructuring the organization so that “every person in the company either had a new boss or was a new boss,” they had moved buildings, had new software tools, and were about to release a new book. This time was exciting, but it left the employees feeling disconnected from one another because of all of the change.

One afternoon, all of the employees entered a room to find the chairs spread out in a semi-circle and drums in front of each chair. For two hours the employees played the drums and re-bonded with one another. This loud activity was their ceremony.

Ceremonies are utilized in life all of the time to celebrate change and important life-changing transitions. Organizations even utilize ceremonies to celebrate new beginnings. Traditionally, ceremonies are used to celebrate the big things, the exciting things. However, ceremonies can be just as useful to rally during challenging times.

In the case of Duarte Inc., their ceremony helped the employees to progress past the challenging times and reconnect everyone to the heart of the company. By the end of beating the drums everyone was smiling again. The work was just beginning, but everyone was far more ready to tackle it with happy and conquering spirits.

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