Afraid of Conflict? How to Express Yourself More Courageously

Get a backbone, or fake one long enough to get what you want. Katrina Love Senn shares four steps to express yourself without fear in an article for mindbodygreen. The first step is to brainstorm what exactly it is you want out of an uncomfortable conversation. Next, listen to your own intuition for guidance. (She goes into a lot of nonsensical hippy speak about “heart energy” here that I will spare you.) Third, when the time comes for action, just get on with it. If you overthink it, you can bury yourself in negativity and lose sight of what you rightfully stand to gain. And lastly, be prepared to accept whatever results, good or bad. Ultimately, everything is a learning experience, and you can survive a bounce in the road here and there to the place you would eventually like to be.

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