4 Ways to Perfect the Pitch for Your Project Idea

Your projects are like your babies; you nurture them until they mature into successful entities. It is heart-shattering to see your project fail, especially when it is shot down before it even begins. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares some tips on how to better pitch your project ideas. There are four ways to improve a project pitch:

  1. Highlight the benefits.
  2. Have project sponsors help pitch.
  3. Focus on business change.
  4. Utilize testing to your benefit.

Articulate the Business Value

When an IT leader pitches their project to an executive, it is a common mistake to highlight all of the technology-related benefits. These types of benefits are wonderful assets, but what will really sell the executive are the benefits this project has to the business as a whole. IT needs to remember who the receiver of this message is.

Pitching a project idea boils down to being able to sell the vision, which is something that is traditionally difficult for a CIO. It is especially beneficial for CIOs to tune into what the executives desire from a project. When the other executives see the benefit, the decision is easy.

Technology innovation is great, but if it has no real value to the business executives will likely reject it. According to Samuels, “The justification of new resources or investments in IT can only be made when the business benefits are clear.” The “business” and “IT” are still considered separate entities, when they should be working cohesively to serve the organization as a whole.

Sometimes, IT struggles with adopting a business aim because they fail to see the value in it. This is where testing becomes so pertinent. Testing allows for a safe environment to see whether that idea has true potential or not.

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