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3 Best Ways to Prevent Your App Developers from Blowing Off QA Testing

Time is the most valuable of all resources, because once it is gone it can never be brought back. This makes schedules and deadlines extremely important in the business world, which often impacts the quality of delivery. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares what impact IT can have on delivering better quality applications under such ridiculous time constraints.

Quality Assurance Assured

More than fifty percent of IT programming time is spent completing application maintenance, and this has been true for the last 20 years. Most of this is because applications are continuously breaking. There is a push by IT managers to reduce this to no more than 20 percent of IT programming time spent on maintenance. According to Shacklett, “when quality assurance (QA) people try to step up on an issue with a particular app, they can get blown off by a developer who is going to place more value on hitting a deadline, even if the developer knows that the program isn’t going to work 100 percent of the time.” This is an arduous obstacle for IT to overcome, but there are three things that IT can do to help improve the quality of applications:

  1. Utilize help desk analytics.
  2. Encourage quality assurance.
  3. Reward for quality.

The help desk will have the best insight into which applications are causing the most problems. If there are analytics established and utilized at the help desk, IT can learn more from mistakes and develop better applications in the long run.

Careers in quality assurance are valuable, but because of such strict deadlines, these people are not always considered as super important. They are often under-experienced and less compensated than their IT counterparts. Shifting this dynamic to have better career succession and executive positions in quality assurance will help to encourage talented individuals to pursue this area. Additionally, when there are better people in this department there will be better results in quality.

A developer should be rewarded for delivering quality work, because it will encourage him or her to continue delivering superior applications. Have quality be an important factor in performance reviews. When quality is rated the same as timeliness, there will be a better equilibrium between quality work and quick delivered work.

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