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Ways Women Can Promote Themselves at Work without Bragging

Curiously, “men are less likely than women to share news of professional accomplishments at work,” and they are also more prone to view self-promotion with distaste. In an article for Entrepreneur, Linda Descano shares some tips from experts about how to self-promote in a way that is kosher to everyone. For starters, remember to carry yourself in a way that always demonstrates the three “H’s” of heart, humanity, and humor. If possible, slip your achievements contextually into a conversation, using your past success to illustrate how you might be able to help with a current challenge.

If you still feel too uncomfortable talking about your accomplishments, consider speaking with a “we” instead of an “I,” i.e., discussing your accomplishments as part of a team. This does run the risk of devaluing your individual contribution though. And consultant Raleigh Mayor believes—perhaps divisively—that although men might feel threatened by strong females, women are more likely to become jealous. Food for thought, anyway.

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