Tech Industry Stereotypes Are Hindering Equality

As Carrie Anne Philbin points out in an article for the Guardian, nobody expects everyone to go out and become authors just because they were taught how to read and write. This line of thought can be used to introduce programming into schools (or, conversely, to revert to a society of illiterate apes). We need to get computer science in front of kids much earlier, before stereotypical attitudes of a “nerdy” industry cement in their minds. In a self-perpetuating cycle, girls are unlikely to want to pursue computer science specifically because there are not a lot of girls in computer science, creating currently rightful worries that they would feel isolated in the industry. Only “17% of UK jobs in computer science are held by women,” according to Philbin. For a discussion of ways that businesses within the UK are addressing this gap, you can view Philbin’s full article here:

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