IT Stereotypes: Time to Change

In unenlightened circles, IT people are a race of beady-eyed greasy recluses, scurrying out from behind their desks under cover of darkness just long enough to fix your printer. They are also the department of “no,” keepers of the status quo, champions of “If it ain’t broke, maintain it forever.” This is a bad rap for IT to bear, except among that small demographic of actual beady-eyed greasy recluses. In an article for InformationWeek, Romi Mahajan basically agrees. He believes that actual IT workers need to get vocal about what it really is they do and how IT directly contributes to organizational well-being. When IT portrays itself as a strong-willed and optimistic business partner, the same as marketing or any other department, opinion within the organization and general public opinion will improve. For further discussion, you can view Mahajan’s article here:

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