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How to Share Your Project in 60 Seconds

You have terse encounters with a myriad of people all the time. Whether it be a few moments in an elevator or the excruciatingly long line at your favorite coffee place, you need to have a brief spiel to share with people. In the business world this can be an especially useful skill, and in a post for The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares how you can share the highlights of your project in 60 seconds flat!

The Elevator Pitch

Being able to share coherently the details of your project will help for both you and the project to be shown in the best light. Additionally, it can help you to better engage your stakeholders in investing in your project. There are three reasons why you should have a project summary always ready:

  1. Summaries help to provide project clarity.
  2. Summaries help to provide the core components for development of a project charter.
  3. Summaries allow for a quick sell.

Summaries help to create unity amongst those involved in the project because everyone will be on the same page as to the essence of what is going on. The summary can additionally lead to the beginning of the project charter and can help you to describe your project in a short and effective way.

An exemplary project summary should contain four elements: the project name, the problems, the solutions, and the goals. Always remember that a project summary does not need to be a complicated thesis, but rather the important highlights that interest people. If you cannot summarize your own project, how can anyone else be expected to know what is going on?

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