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IT Pro Stress Is Low, but So Is Job Satisfaction

It is no secret that too much stress is not healthy, but having a good amount of stress can be a great motivator. IT is a profession that is often synonymous with stress, but recent surveys have revealed that most IT professionals do not see their job as that stressful. In an article for, Sharon Florentine expands on this new information and explores the possibility that low stress can affect overall job satisfaction.

Burnout by Another Name

The survey produced interesting findings that indicated IT professionals experience less stress when they are constantly accessible to their work. Although most are not expected to be, 21 percent of entry-to-mid-level IT professionals and an equal number of executives indicated that they have less stress on vacation if they are still wired into work. This is in part because it removes the stress of the work that has built up for their return from vacation.

Low stress levels help to retain employees, but it is important that these employees are not simultaneously bored. Forty-eight percent of entry-to-mid-level IT professionals and 38 percent of senior IT professionals stated that they are doing the most satisfying work of their career. This is an important note for organizations because they do not want to lose their IT talent to other organizations, so they must find the balance for their employees.

Organizations can do their part by maintaining workloads, and ensuring that nothing becomes too overwhelming for any one employee. Interestingly, the survey revealed this: “57 percent of entry-to-mid-level IT professionals and 60 percent of senior IT pros say a stressful experience at work has motivated them to seek employment elsewhere. Forty one percent of entry-to-mid-level IT pros and 49 percent of senior IT professionals say they’d accept a pay cut in order to escape stress.” Additionally, organizations can attempt to diversify workloads so that employees are granted the opportunity to work on projects that they are truly interested in.

Stress and satisfaction are most certainly linked, and it takes some give and take to make the equation balanced. You can read the original article here:

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