Overcoming the IT Gender Stereotype: 3 Tips for Women

Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid, considers Jen Barber from The IT Crowd as a typical representation of a woman in IT setting—well-meaning, but utterly ignorant to a fault of anything and everything technical. This stereotype is so prevalent that being a woman who does know tech makes you an exciting job candidate instantly, as sad as that is. To really advance in your space as a woman, Lahav says to stand out, speak up, and seek mentorship. You will likely have to prove your knowledge on a regular basis, but do not be discouraged; once you spell out your skills to a given individual, that person will likely get with the program. There are women who have already climbed the mountain, so seek these people out, whether within your business or at conferences, to collect their wisdom. As Rory Gilmore says, “Solidarity, sister.”

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