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7 Ways Introverts Can Self-Promote at Work

Enjoying your quiet time is a fine thing, and nobody appreciates people who bang pots and pans together with declarations of how great they are. But there has to be a comfortable middle ground in there. Lewis Humphries shares seven tips for self-promotion for introverts in an article for Lifehack.

Low-Key Promotion

If you want to stay the tried and true path of working utterly indirectly toward your goals, you can focus on producing high-quality output and placing faith in your team and boss noticing it. Always look for chances to put your skills on display for the benefit of others, even and especially if it means taking on more responsibility.

Many of Humphries’ suggestions revolve around taking this indirect route and not relying on presumed wonky social skills, but he offers strategies for speaking confidently too. For instance, you can create work-centric talking points, so that work is the primary topic and not you specifically. You can then pepper in discussion of your work and accomplishments along those lines.

In any case, think of self-promotion as a way to build in small opportunities to better position yourself and your career, as opposed to a desperate loudmouthed tactic. Focus on the lessons learned en route to or resulting from your accomplishments if that helps. And while doing all of this, just remember that self-promotion does not need to be an all-the-time thing. Do it at appropriate and comfortable intervals.

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