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6 Ways to Self-Promote at Work Respectfully

Some people live so meekly that they just want to disappear, and you know what happens to those people? They succeed. For the rest of you who would like basic recognition for the things you accomplish in life, Jane Bianchi writes for Fast Company with six tips.

First, keep a running list of your accomplishments, especially quantifiable ones, so that you actually have something worth sharing. Second, look for ways to convey your accomplishments (even in-progress ones) through stories that capture people’s interest and are memorable; just remember to pepper in the word “we” here and there so that you do not sound like a one-man/woman show. Third, if you want to promote yourself as a useful person, be useful. Offer to help others for no tangible personal gain.

Fourth, amp up your social media presence (particularly LinkedIn), posting updates that reflect your current work situation and make it look like you are keeping active. Fifth, since your job almost inevitably involves dealing with people who come from different disciplines, nurture these cross-functional relationships. Look for ways you can helpfully apply your knowledge to their problems. And finally, if your team hits a major milestone of some kind, celebrate it somehow! The team will get a morale boost, and lots of people will learn through buzz alone of the great work you have done.

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