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4 Ways to Better Manage Your Project Resources

The resources that are backing your project are what will define success in your endeavor, so it is imperative to be mindful of your people. In an article for, Brad Egeland elaborates on some ways to better manage this vital facet of projects. There are four practices that result in better managed resources:

  1. Engage them individually.
  2. Make everyone a leader.
  3. Do not make major decisions without team engagement.
  4. Set high standards.

Herding the Cats

Your project team is what will ultimately drive the project to its success, but only if they are well engaged and motivated. It is helpful to have one-on-one meetings with each member monthly to ensure everything is going well and that they remain motivated.

People who are kept busy are more productive and stay on task. Ensuring that everyone has assigned tasks to complete will keep everyone focused on meaningful elements. Additionally, allowing everyone to lead a task or deliverability at one point or another reinforces their motivation. This may include something as simple as being responsible for a weekly report to the project client or even senior management. Having a leadership role gives people more accountability and a better sense of ownership on the project.

Whenever possible, every member of the project team should be involved when making important decisions. Teams who make decisions collectively tend to be more cohesive, involved, and have a better sense of individual accountability.

Lastly, when you expect the best, you often receive the best, so set your standards high. Do not settle for less than spectacular. Your team should be highly engaged with maximum cooperation and have superb productivity.

These four practices will result in a better managed team, higher performance, and ultimately better projects. You can read the original article here:

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