4 Tech Stereotypes to Get Rid Of

In an article for Computerworld, John Brandon pinpoints four antiquated types of people stereotypically imagined to exist in the IT industry. The first of course is that of the geeky guy wearing his glasses who is only interested in building computers. The second is the snarky know-it-all tech support, in conjunction with clueless users who refuse to educate themselves on the simplest technical practices. Third is the dumb executive who relies on the brilliance of the IT department to make the executive look good. Lastly, and headed in the opposite direction from the others, is that of the Millennial who grew up with technology and thus is expected to already know how to do esoteric things like fix a broken WordPress plugin. We are in the 21st century, and none of these stereotypes hold water on a wide-scale basis. Let’s just assume that everybody means well and help each other out where we can. You can view the full article here:

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