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10 Timeless Techniques to Combat Negative Stress

Stress can hinder success, but it can also be an excellent motivator if it is handled well. In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen shares some tried and true ways of successfully managing the negative types of stress. There are 10 techniques to help combat mind-crippling pressure:

  1. Just breathe.
  2. Utilize relaxation techniques.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Focus on what you can change.
  5. Regain perspective.
  6. Slow down.
  7. Identify poor thinking patterns.
  8. Become more internally focused.
  9. Prioritize and plan.
  10. Learn to say no.

Stress Strategy

As cliché as it may sound, breathing deeply and slowly alleviates stress. The deep breaths help you to refocus and gain composure, while decreasing your heart rate. There are a myriad of relaxation techniques that work by relaxing your muscles and distracting your mind from whatever it is that is stressing you, like yoga. Try out different techniques to see what works best for you. Likewise, exercising does more for you than giving you a strong physique. Exercise is soul-purifying and helps you to improve health, loosen muscles, and improve your sleeping patterns.

There are things in life that are completely out of your control, but there are variables that you have some say on. What can you change in your life? Focus on those influences and your stress levels may recede. When stress becomes overwhelming, you tend to magnify the small things. Will this issue really matter tomorrow? You can take control of your fate and influence your life in your own direction. You do not need to feel powerless or stressed in all situations.

Those who get stressed easily tend to be the type A personalities, the high-achievers who never seem to slow down. These types of people can greatly benefit from taking a few moments to relax, take a step back, and slow down before they are too overwhelmed to function. Are you always in the mindset that a task needs to be 100% perfect? This type of thinking, though admirable, can be self-defeating. Opportunities and failures are chances to grow and develop, so do not get hung up on perfect execution.

Being stressed out may be an indicator of poor time management. When you learn to better prioritize and plan your time, you can minimize that chance that you will become overwhelmed and stressed.

“No” is often one of the first words a child will learn how to say, but as they grow they seem to entirely forget about it. “No” is an acceptable answer, and in fact should be more encouraged when you are overwhelmed. You know your own limits.

You can read the original post here: http://www.susannemadsen.co.uk/blog/ten-timeless-techniques-to-combat-negative-stress

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