A Warning: When the Boss’s Friends Become Favorites

Situations occur where your boss happens to have a lot in common with a subordinate and they become best buds. This can happen more than once too. Where does that leave the subordinate who is not a best bud? Alison Green answers in an article for Money.

She listens to a situation from a reader where a boss has two close buds who go out to lunch together with her, and they even make travel accommodations together. That leaves the boss’s remaining three subordinates out in the cold, comparatively, making at least one of them want to leave the job. When it comes to fixing the situation, Green says… well, you probably cannot fix the situation. If this particular boss has chosen to overtly make friends, and it is affecting her ability to lead fairly, it may not be a situation that can be easily remedied by a quick conversation. Try if you dare. Otherwise, this is a cautionary tale for bosses that becoming too friendly with colleagues can create a situation of unrest, and they might lose employees who do not feel like they are getting enough of the love.

You can view the original article, in addition to a second, slightly steamier story of workplace problems here:

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