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A Triple Threat to IT Success

There are many reasons that an IT organization might fail. Perhaps they had poor planning, or maybe a dragon came stomping by and destroyed their facility. According to Mike Sisco, regardless of circumstances, there are three essential reasons IT organizations fail. In an article for CIO.com, he elaborates on these threats:

  1. A disconnect between IT and the business
  2. Project failure
  3. Poor communication

Slay the Dragons

Sometimes IT operates seemingly in its own world, which causes a disconnect from the rest of the business. IT is an aspect of the business, and they need to remain aligned with business values and objectives. Many studies have indicated that over 50% of the time, IT is focused on something different than what the business desires. Uncovering this disconnect is fairly simple, and any experienced CIO should be able to do so with ease. Most of the time, the CIO is simply unaware they are focused on the wrong thing. Once they take a step back they can refocus on connecting.

One huge IT failure is when they are unable to deliver a project successfully. Project failure was the driving force behind the creation of the project management industry. After the introduction of computers, IT organizations built a bad reputation of failing to deliver projects. Such things destroys IT’s credibility, and so it is important to be aware of failures and prevent them from happening.

Poor communication is the “biggest threat” because it is often the reason for the first and second reasons for failure. The IT–business disconnect occurs because senior-level IT is not communicating with the business. Projects fail because IT starts a project without understanding the objectives the business desires. IT managers struggle to communicate because of their introverted personalities. There is nothing wrong with a focus on technical skills over social skills, but IT still needs to communicate with the business if they want to be a successful department.

You can read the original article here: http://www.cio.com/article/3046492/leadership-management/triple-threat-to-it-success.html

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