How to React to Your Boss Having a Favorite

A product manager by the name of Reagan wrote to Forbes contributor Liz Ryan for advice about his current circumstance, in which he and two other product managers operate under the same boss but the boss clearly favors one over the others. Ryan, CEO of Human Welfare, shares her answer in an article.

She says that it could be a situation where the favored product manager has been doing the job much longer, and so he actually deserves the increased status. In any case, the fact remains that Reagan does not know what the boss and the favored employee are always chatting about behind closed doors—they could be discussing how well Reagan and the other product manager are doing, or maybe the favored person is overqualified in the first place and the boss is trying to get him promoted out of the situation. Or maybe it is none of that. But since Reagan is in a unique circumstance where he actually loves his job, Ryan recommends not rocking the boat and just appreciating his current situation. She says he should forget about the boss and favored employee’s relationship and that Reagan should focus exclusively on building his relationship with his boss.

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