Money Makers, Not Money Pits: 5 Ways the CIO Role Is Changing for the Better

It is a wonderful time to be a CIO, because the opportunities are endless. So how does one best take advantage of this role? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores what current and potential CIOs need to keep in mind about the position. There are five ways that the CIO role is evolving into an even greater one:

  1. CIOs are more creative.
  2. CIOs will take on more strategic roles.
  3. CIOs are both happy and ambitious.
  4. CIOs handle challenging crises.
  5. CIOs embrace the CDO.

The role of CIO has changed drastically over the past few years, and there has been a shift away from traditionally managing IT. Technology management must go beyond efficiency, and CIOs need to be able to better articulate value. CIOs must make the business happy with their creativity, or the organization will quickly elect to pursue other options. There has been a shift away from operational technology towards innovative technology. The result is that “CEOs are focused on IT projects that can make money (63 per cent), rather than those that save money (37 per cent).”

When a CIO has a direct reporting line to the CEO, they tend to be much happier. This is because the CIO is more confident about their leadership ambitions. Technology is no longer a mere cost to the business, but instead it is an essential asset that drives business growth.

Being an IT leader means addressing some challenging obstacles. For the second year in a row, data analytics is the most in-demand skill. CIOs need to address this skill gap in order to lead their organization to success.

Chief Digital and Data Officers (CDOs) are on the rise, and the best CIOs will recognize this and embrace this asset role. The CDO position may seem threatening to a CIO, but in reality the CDO will help the organization keep pace with digital transformation, which in turn helps the CIO.

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