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Are You Emotionally Intelligent? A Checklist to Find Out

Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, writes for Inc. with several features of what could be considered a person of great emotional intelligence. Check out if this checklist sounds like you:

  • You have a “robust emotional vocabulary,” meaning you can, for instance, discriminate a person’s mood beyond it being “bad.” The person might be “frustrated” or “anxious.”
  • You know how to exploit your strengths and mitigate the threats presented by your weaknesses.
  • You are difficult to offend because you are self-confident and open-minded.
  • You know how to neutralize “toxic” people. This means you can interact with gloomy people without them infecting your mood, and you additionally seek to find common ground that satisfies the gloomy party.
  • You do not hold grudges, because grudges place unnecessary stress on your mind and body and basically only punish you in the long run.
  • You can forgive yourself and distance yourself from mistakes made while retaining lessons learned.

If you are doing well so far with this list, or alternatively if you want to see how much of a husk you truly are, you can view the full article with even more items here:

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