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Dissecting the Five Parts of Emotional Intelligence

In an article for Lifehacker, Eric Ravenscaft breaks down in a practical way the significance of each of the five parts that plays into emotional intelligence. It starts with getting to know yourself—self-awareness—which can be fostered by keeping a journal, asking others for input, or just pausing your day to give yourself a glance. After this comes actual self-management, which can be easier said than done with those who have existing emotional problems, but exercise (for instance) can be a way to mechanically reset your brain for healthier thinking. The third part is self-motivation, a drive to achieve goals. If your goals in life are fuzzy, consider the things you value and what events in life have made you feel “fulfilled” at various times. Fourth comes empathy, the ability to acknowledge and also understand another person’s circumstances and motivation. Social skills then are the final part, which are something you kind of have to figure out yourself.

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