Different Strategies for Dealing with a Boss Who Plays Favorites

You may not be the boss’s favorite, but you will not let that stop you from enjoying your job and being effective in your role. Stacey Gawronski shares multiple tips to work things out in an article for The Muse.

For starters, when you show the boss displaying favoritism, do not get up in arms about it. You will not make the person stop being a favorite; you will just make yourself a least favorite instead. Instead, focus on how you can improve yourself generally as an employee, especially as it pertains to your boss’s expectations. Do what you can in general to build your relationship. Then take control and actually ask your boss what must be done for you to keep moving up the ladder. If your boss really is not there for you, you can seek a mentor elsewhere. But if you plan to take your concerns to HR, do your homework first—figure out precisely why favoritism is occurring and what the repercussions of it have been.

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