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The Coming Disruption of ITSM

Like a ground-shattering earthquake, digital disruption is imminent and no one will be spared of its wrath. In a post for SITS Community 360, Peter Johnson explains how he believes that the digital disruption will change everything, and that ITSM needs to brace for impact.

Digital transformation, according to Deloitte, is a strategic approach to handling the business, and it involves “integrating recent digital technologies such as analytics, cloud, social and mobile to transform the way in which a business operates.” This approach is one that is neither technological nor intended to be utilized to solve problems in isolation. President of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) Correy Voo anticipates that there will be a universal change to the new world of cloud IT, and an entire reshaping of the IT function. These alterations in operations mean that ITSM will be changing as well.

Transitioning towards a more cloud-centric means of operations could spell the end for the service desk because all of their functions will already be taken care of. However, Johnson suggests that entirely rethinking IT service could prevent service desk demise while adding value. The trichromatic approach is one solution that will keep the service desk viable. This approach “recommends that corporate IT service teams push back on frameworks and models such as ITIL, and even on the meta-thinking exemplified by ITSM.” IT would step down from its ruling throne and instead serve as a support function. Through this approach, the customer would become the main focus through the “human concepts” of autonomy and values.

Taking a new approach to IT would encourage more collaborative relationships between business and tech employees. Together they could create solutions to commercial issues because of their combined knowledge of the business industry and technology.

The digital transformation is rapidly approaching, and if IT wants to avoid being overrun, they need to alter their way of thinking. You can read the original post here:

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