What to Do When Your Boss Has a Favorite (and It’s Not You)

Some bosses pick a golden child, and everybody knows it. You are the boss’s copper child at best. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Knight teaches you how to deal with it.

Even in a situation where it is a pretty sure thing that you cannot become the boss’s favorite, there are still things you can and should do to improve your relationship with your boss. Not doing anything at all about a boss’s favoritism can otherwise frustrate and devalue you. One thing you should however avoid is complaining about it to colleagues and trying to form a mob of negativity about it. Instead, maintain positivity and realize that, as long as the boss’s favorite is not actively trying to undermine you, there is not a huge problem. You should know whether you are producing stellar work regardless of it ends with the boss hoisting you on his or her shoulders.

It is possible that the boss’s favorite is the favorite for some valid reasons though. Consider the traits that make this person effective and decide if any of those behaviors are worth emulating in your own style. Aside from this, you might be able to wedge your way into the “inner circle” over time by asking earnest advice or feedback of the star employee about various work topics, such that this person will want to pull you into more valuable conversations with the boss.

But if your boss just is not helping or supporting you in the necessary ways, seek out other mentors who will. Do not let your fate be decided by one aloof person.

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