5 Tips to Disagree Pleasantly with the Boss

Stop making everything so complicated, yeesh. Be a human and talk to your boss about why you disagree with something. In an article for The Muse, Kat Boogaard shares a few tips to make that happen. First, tactically consider the time and place, selecting circumstances that are most relaxed for your boss. Second, start your argument with something positive—anything that makes your boss feel like he or she is not under attack. Friendly dialogue is the goal. Likewise, ask questions that get at the heart of your boss’s position and try to find commonalities between your positions. If you focus on results and show how your ideas are similar in intent but that your idea will likely yield a better outcome, then that is the best you can do to win your boss to your way of thinking. If the boss ultimately rejects your dissenting opinion anyway, well, them’s the breaks. You can view the full article here:

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