5 Tips to Disagree with Your Boss and Still Get Ahead

As long as you approach it from the right direction, disagreeing with your boss does not have to be a scary thing. In an article for Time, Sanjay Sanghoee shares five tips to remove the tension. The first is to make sure you are disagreeing for the right reason. Sometimes your gut instinct might just be to disagree because you want to reject an idea that involves giving you more work, which is not a valid or useful reason for disagreement. Next, remember that disagreeing is about constructing a logical argument for a compelling alternative. Just trying to blow holes in someone’s argument may not be enough to win that person to your way of thinking. When possible, do your homework in advance when offering a counterpoint, so that your ideas have weight and evidence already built into them. And as you speak, speak with enough passion that your concern for the business is apparent, but not so much emotion that you sound like a lunatic. In either case, speak in your boss’s language, appealing to his or her sensibilities.

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