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5 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

High emotional intelligence (EI) means a strong ability to read other people (and oneself) and work successfully with them accordingly. In an article for Forbes, Mark Murphy highlights five signs of sterling EI. The first is an ability to accept criticism and do so without anxiety. Sufficiently self-aware people will understand that they have faults and that criticism is essentially just a clue on how to improve. More common and unpleasant reactions to criticism involve denial, passing blame, and making excuses. It is important to remember that even in innocuous circumstances that people can react to criticism in different ways. They might wonder how receiving criticism changes or damages their relationship with the person who gave the criticism, or alternatively they might try to undergo a robot-like analysis of what led to the criticism. People should try to be mindful of such reactions.

The other four signs, frankly, are more obvious. People with high EI are open-minded good listeners who tell people what they need to hear—even when the truth is tough to swallow—and know how to apologize when they realize they were wrong. Simple enough. You can view the full article here:

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