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You Need to Work in Order to Build a Brand

So many people looking to stand out in the workforce today believe that they must build a “brand” out of themselves, and this is ostensibly true. People go about doing it in the wrong way though. In an article for Medium, Gary Vaynerchuk explains that building a brand begins with just doing work. This is true for both obvious and subtle reasons. The obvious reason is that if someone wants to be branded an expert in something, that person had better have years of experience and have done extensive research in that area. The more subtle reason is that people cannot be sure how they would like to be branded until they have done enough work that they truly understand their own passions and the extents of their talents. A person fresh out of school, or a person with only a couple years of relevant experience, will not have as strong a hold on his or her identity as someone who has worked for 10 years and is just now yelling, “Hey, look at me! I am the person who knows how to do X and this is my brand.”

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