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Why and How You Should Cold Email Everyone

In the Introvert’s Playbook, “cold contacting” somebody is on the very last page, and it is a strategy that you only use if it will save your mother’s life. It is just terror incarnate to consider. However, in an article for Entrepreneur, Andrew Medal makes the case for why cold emails are a must for entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, if you send a respectful email to someone who can help you further your ambitions or make a sale, really no harm can come from it: You get ignored, you get a declining response, or (!) you get the response for which you were hoping. Suddenly, this sounds pretty okay, right? As for how you should go about cold emailing people, Medal offers some basic steps. First, decide the specific objective you have in mind for making these cold emails, and then build the list of people or types of people whom you would like to contact. In your actual email, make it engaging but keep it concise, and do explicitly state your goal with the email. (e.g., “Can we chat for five minutes?”) With certain high-profile people, you might find yourself literally having to guess their email address, but clues to email formatting on their personal or business websites should help. If you can keep this process up and record your progress, you might steadily discover that your network is expanding to include some quite powerful people.

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