Who Should Get Promoted? 7 Tips for Managers

If it is a toss-up between promoting Rico or Serena, you can ask them to duke it out in a high-stakes game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, or you can do something that will not get you fired. If you choose the latter, Avery Augustine writes for The Muse with seven tips. First of all, if there is any meaningful quantitative data on performance that is comparable across employees, definitely factor that into things. Second, watch out for which employees are willing to spend a little extra time and energy on tasks when they know the work is high-priority. Likewise, it is a great sign when employees see a problem and voice a potential solution, instead of just stopping at complaining that the problem exists at all. If employees are eager in general to share what they know and help elevate colleagues, this too indicates good management potential. Ultimately, the best employee is the one who wants to keep learning for its own sake, is eager to receive feedback, and is vocal about aspirations to ascend. If Rico and Serena embody all of these tips, you can still roll the dice with the Milton Bradley strategy.

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