When to Reward Employees with More Responsibility and Money

Set the bar too low and nobody will be motivated to try harder. Set the bar too high and people will just leave. Amy Gallo writes for Harvard Business Review with how to reward employees properly. After all, each reward and promotion ripples out a message across the organization that should be carefully managed. In assessing an employee for potential promotion, gather feedback about the person’s performance from people who interact with the person in ways that you do not so as to develop a more complete picture. It is a good sign if the person has mastered his or her current position and yet is still actively seeking more responsibilities. In situations where money or opportunities for advancement are in short supply, motivation can still be given by increasingly offering chances to work on new things and develop new skills. If they cannot have more money, they can at least get a fatter resume. For a wide range of additional tips and case studies, you can view the full article here:

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