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Signs You’re an Endangered IT Species

What does it take to be a great IT leader, and how can CIOs keep from going extinct? In an article for InformationWeek, Jonathan Feldman explores the two areas a CIO needs to understand exceptionally well: technology and business leadership.

A CIO may meet their demise if they are unwilling to accept any feedback on how to better run IT. The bottom line is that IT is an aspect of the business; IT is not the entire business. It needs to be integrated and incorporated accordingly. Change is imminent, and IT needs to jump on board and embrace this or be shattered by the disruption. Remaining functional and integrating business activities is how IT can defend against downfall. This requires the assistance of both IT leadership and staff to work collectively to modernize their thinking.

How can an organization test to see if they are falling victim to this “dinosaur IT” problem that is becoming so prevalent? There are four things to be mindful of in the prevention of becoming outdated:

  1. Only “operator” utilization
  2. Minimal responsibility
  3. Back to the basics
  4. Language barrier

IT should be worried if the business is only utilizing them as an operator. Many organizations make all of the decisions and expect IT to merely come in and tie it all together. What is more helpful however is when IT is leading the business technology innovation. A very evident indicator that the business does not take IT seriously is if the only interactions the two have are about IT “keeping the lights on.” IT is a department capable of greater responsibility. If IT wants to be tasked with the fun, riskier projects, then they need to prove that they are capable of handling the basics.

IT and the business often speak in two different languages. This barrier can cause problems, but it needs to be overcome if IT wants to remain to be valued.

You can read the original article here: http://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/executive-insights-and-innovation/signs-youre-an-endangered-it-species/a/d-id/1324987

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