Reasons That Wanting to Be Liked Might Be a Waste of Energy

Everyone wants to be liked, but making “being liked” an end goal in itself may not always be wise. Erinn Bucklan explains for DailyWorth. The first reason is that it can backfire; if people can see you are trying too hard to be liked, it will ultimately just freak them out a little. Another problem with seeking to be liked is that it can make you become wishy-washy, changing what you say to please different people at different times. In effect, you could become a “yes-person.” Furthermore, a need to be liked can sometimes be linked to a lack of self-esteem, and if you are spending all your time worried about that, you probably are not giving your best work performance. Lastly, and importantly, when you focus on not making waves and just being part of the group, you could inadvertently mute the quirks and skills that could get you ahead in life if you chose to use them.

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