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How to Be Ready for Anything in Business Travel

Familiarity breeds contempt, and being completely lost in an unfamiliar situation is no fun either. As a result, regular business travel can be rough, but H.O. Maycotte shares the gamut of tips for Forbes to help. When it comes to booking, pick out an airline points program and stick with it as much as is practical. At the airport, avoid checking bags, pack toiletries in a clear bag, and apply for expedited traveler status wherever it avails itself, like with TSA Pre✓. For the flight, invest in good noise-canceling earbuds, ensure you have a seat that enables convenient access to things like a laptop, and carry some spare granola bars. And when it comes to technology, bring a connector for everything—HDMI, DVI, AV out, etc.—so you are ready to exploit any opportunity that presents itself at a hotel or conference room.

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