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Are There Too Many Project Management Certifications to Matter?

Is the world of project management in certificate overload? Does a certificate really indicate everything about a person’s capabilities? In a guest post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Jerry Ihejirka elaborates on his position of project management’s greatest enemy: too many certificates.

Where did this great emphasis on certifications originate? Universities, despite producing well-educated, qualified candidates, have seemingly contracted out their project management education responsibilities. Rather than streamlining the system of education and creating a standardized system for education, there is now a plethora of certificates from which to choose.

The demand for project management professionals is ever-growing, but there is a lack of pronounced candidates. Some businesses endorse a special four-day training in which the person is deemed a “professional” upon completion. How can a mere workweek of effort even compare to the knowledge and skills gained while completing a bachelor’s degree?

Project management certifications are great assets to a person’s repertoire, but they do not always replace university degrees. Additionally, they should not be the be-all-end-all determinant of an employee’s success. Do not make the mistake of over-looking a qualified candidate because they do not have all of the certifications.

For this mess to be cleaned up, and for the project management sector to be directed back towards the path to success, universities worldwide need to intervene and assert their authority to educate. With a greater emphasis placed on university education and less placed on the multitude of certification options, this profession can be standardized, and thus improved. Universities additionally have the opportunity to partner with governments and the corporate sector, which would prove an asset to the project management education.

Those individuals who have project management degrees need to become the essential members of the profession, and the ones to aspire to be. Only then, will this chaos be appeased.

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