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Five Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are looking to take charge of your career in a big way, then you need all the advice you can get. Micha Kaufman shares five tips for entrepreneurs in an article for Forbes. The first tip is that, since fear of failure is undeniable, you should use that fear as fuel and frame it in such a way that it reflects how much there is to gain from succeeding. Second, build your brand and reputation by bending over backward to please customers, because early positive word of mouth is so important. Third, remember that business is a learning experience, so always focus on “better” instead of failing to hit “perfect.” Fourth, on second thought, once you really do have an established brand, go ahead and broadcast yourself as the ace of your established niche. Finally, you have to love your work; if you became an entrepreneur to do more work you do not like, something is wrong with you. You can view the full article here:

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