Data on Why Your Workplace Wellness Program Isn’t Working

As Ed O’Boyle and Jim Harter share for Gallup, only 60 percent of U.S. employees are aware their company offers a wellness program, and only 40 percent of those people actually use the program. In an article, they offer more numbers on the current state of affairs. For starters, engaged employees are 28 percent more likely to participate in wellness programs, so a lack of participation could potentially (emphasis on potentially) be a sign of greater problems. O’Boyle and Harter believe it is up to managers to increase both engagement and well-being through their actions.

Wellness however comes in several forms, with physical well-being being problematically overemphasized. Social well-being and having a sense of purpose factor into overall health too, for instance. Employees who thrive across numerous well-being dimensions instead of just physical well-being “report 41% fewer unhealthy days” and “are 81% less likely to look for a new job when the job market improves.” In order to improve, company culture and leaders must align on an agenda that promotes the wellness program and its importance, and managers must engage teams in a way that fosters greater well-being.

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