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How Can You Become a Great Project Manager?

At the heart of every business are people. The business works to please customers by capitalizing on their employees’ skill sets. In an article for the Association for Project Management, Lynda Bourne explores how this fundamental fact can make or break a project manager.

Project managers need to understand that successful projects are the result of people. When a team is properly encouraged and challenged, the results delivered are phenomenal. However, this requires some development of the team’s skills, and the establishment of commitment to the team. According to Bourne, “Experience, reflection, coaching and mentoring all help the project manager to grow and develop. It’s a process that never stops.”

The best leaders are well-liked by their team. This can be achieved by simple kindness and courtesy. Listen intently to what everyone has to say, make the team feel good about their accomplishments, and use pleasantries like “good morning.” Leaders should additionally invest time into building the right team and maintaining it. Everyone on the team should be active and committed to the project’s ultimate goal. Once the team is built, it is up to the project manager to continue encouraging and leading the team towards success.

Everyone on the team should be involved in planning or, at the very minimum, the people whose opinions make or break the project. The project manager should identify those essential individuals early on and consistently engage them. The best leaders know they must take accountability if things go slightly off track, and that they need to share in the praise of a job well done. Sharing both the good and the bad with the team is important. Constructive feedback can help the team understand where improvement efforts need to be made, while praise motivates morale and keeps the team working hard.

Technical skills are vital in a project manager, but at the end of the day they need to understand people. You can read the original post here:

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